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Plexiglass Lowes

Today we are going to be discussing Plexiglass, the variety of uses you can get from it, and of course some of the deals currently on offer from Lowes on Plexiglass.  First up we will take a look at some of the ways you can make use of Plexiglass around your home. Some of you may have been recommended Plexiglass by friends or family for a particular purpose, so we will cover some of the additional uses of this great material below to perhaps give you some other ideas of the multitude of uses for it. To avoid any confusion later on in the article, Plexiglass is often referred to by several names. The correct chemical name is Poly(methyl methacrylate), but we don’t expect you to know that! However common household names for Plexiglass are perspex, and it is also known as acrylic glass, so remember this for future reference.

What are some of the benefits of Plexiglass Lowes?

Plexiglass is quite similar to glass in several ways, so why should you get it instead of glass? For many people out there the main advantage of Plexiglass over traditional glass is it is almost shatterproof. Those of you with kids will know how important this is, as having shatterproof material prevents damage and more importantly prevents any potential injuries if there is an accident.
Another advantage of Plexiglass is that it doesn’t give off any glare. This is quite handy in the case of aquariums for example, as you can admire your pets all the time without getting glare from exterior light. If you are thinking about using Plexiglass for window panes, then you will be interested to know that it is much more weather resistant and prone to erosion than standard glass. This means less maintenance costs over the years compared to traditional glass. One thing we should mention though is that you should not use harsh abrasives or traditional window cleaner on Plexiglass, as this will cause damage. The best way to clean the material is to use a soft cloth and warm water as this gentle method will provide the safest clean.

What are some of the use of Plexiglass from Lowes?

We have talked about some of the benefits of choosing this material over standard glass, now you may be wondering what else it could be used for.
The first and most obvious usage is for window panes, as we discussed in the previous paragraph so we won’t go over that again. Thinking about other uses, many of use have glass photo frames. How many times have one of these frames fallen over and shattered? This happens to more people than you might think, but a very simple solution to this is to replace the glass with Plexiglass, now you don’t need to worry about this happening again! This is also a particularly good tip for those that plan to post a photo frame to someone, as we all know how well the postal services handle your packages!
If you are looking at getting Plexiglass Lowes offer all sorts of sizes, so another good option is to use it on top of a coffee table. Glass topped tables have always been a popular item, with the disadvantage of them being that they are quite brittle. One little mistake and you could end up with a cracked surface! Plexiglass offers the advantage of looking good, while providing the strength and durability to stand up to a little abuse.
Another rather interesting use for Plexiglass is that you can make a dry erase board using it. This is a much cheaper alternative than purchasing a traditional whiteboard, especially considering the Plexiglass Lowes offers!  This could be a cheap and easy way to entertain your kids for many hours.

Hopefully we have been able to give you some good insight on Plexiglass Lowes. Remember to shop around first to find the best deal!

How do you cut or shape it?

Glass is traditionally quite difficult to cut to the right shape, but Plexiglass is normally a little easier to get it to the size you want it. A standard tablesaw will do a good job, but make sure you go slowly, and that you are doing it in a well ventilated room as the smell can get quite strong. The best way to do it is to get hold of a Plexiglass Lowes cutter, otherwise known as a ripper. This tool is very cheap, and allows you to cut a thin line all the way across the material. Once you have gotten the tool across the entire sheet, you then hang the edge of the material off a bench or table for example. With the piece you want broken off a few centimeters away from the edge of the bench, you then hold down the piece on top of the bench, and push downwards on the piece hanging off. The piece should snap off if you do it correctly, and this is know as the score and snap method. This is how most people do it, and in most cases gives you a nice clean break.
An interesting bit of info is that Plexiglass can be joined together by using superglue. This is a quick and easy way to do it, and makes an almost invisible join.

 How much does it cost?

In terms of pricing, Plexiglass tends to cost a little bit more than standard glass. Due to the many benefits of the material it isn’t really a tough decision to spend that little extra cash on it. When it comes to sizing Plexiglass Lowes can be bought in a wide range of different sizes. If you are looking for a medium to large piece piece, the 36″ x 48″ is a popular size. This can go for about $50 or so. If you are only looking for a small sheet, then you can expect to pay in the region of around $15 for a 12″ x 24″ sheet.  If you are looking for a really big piece, the 72″ x 36″ sheet goes for around $100. These should give you a rough idea of what you may expect to pay. Remember that all these sheets are quite easy to cut to size, so don’t buy more than you need.